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Canadian poker pro Jonathan Duhamel added another massive cash to his bankroll last weekend, emerging victorious in one of the most epic events the World Series of Poker has ever known. The 2010 WSOP Champion took down the $111,111 One Drop High Roller, Event #58, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, collecting his second gold bracelet and an enormous prize of $3,989,985.

Jonathan Duhamel wins 2015 WSOP One Drop High RollerThe 27 year old poker pro from Montreal was elated to join the short list of elite millionaires who’ve won the WSOP’s charitable ‘Big One’ tournament since it was first introduced. Antonio Esfandiari won the first edition in 2012 for a whopping $18.3 million, when the buy-in was a cool million per player.

The buy-in was reduced to $111,111 in 2013, with Tony Gregg wining $4.8mm that year. In 2014, the buy-in jumped to $1mm again as Daniel Coleman took the top prize of $15.3mm. All told, the WSOP has helped raise over $12 million for Guy Laliberte’s One Drop Foundation, which distributes clean water to deprived areas all over the world.

With his latest victory, Jonathan Duhamel has increased his total live tournament career winnings to $16,819,897, moving him into 8th place on the Poker All Time Money List.

Jonathan Duhamel Wins 2015 One Drop High Roller

It was a long two days for the Canadian poker pro. As is typical of the WSOP’s highest buy-in event, the 135-player field was teeming with poker’s most fearsome foes.

Jonathan Duhamel overcame the likes of Andrew Lichtenberger (9th, $390,875), Russia’s Sergey Lebedev (8th, $466,970), 4x final tablist at this year’s WSOP Anthony Zinno (7th, $565,864), 13x WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth (6th, $696,821), rising star Dan Perper (5th, $873,805), online poker phenom Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky (4th, $1,118,049) and defending champ Daniel Coleman (3rd, $1,544,121) before going into the heads-up match with Bill Klein.

Hailing from Laguna Hills, California, Klein had only cashed once in a WSOP event prior to his face off with Jonathan Duhamel late Saturday night. The stacks weren’t that far off to begin with; Duhamel leading 23mm to Klein’s 17.47mm following the elimination of Coleman.

The two spent the next 50 minutes tossing chips before Jonathan was able to sweep the stacks. On the final hand of play, Duhamel sustained a marginal lead over Klein. He raised 1.2mm before Bill 3-bet to 3.6mm from the big blind. After a moment’s thoughtful hesitation, the Canadian raised all-in, putting Klein’s remaining 12.375mm at risk.

The American tanked for about 30 seconds before making the call and tabling his hand, only to find out he’d walked into a disastrous situation.

Bill Klein: K♥ J♦
Jonathan Duhamel: K♣ K♠

The flop came down J♥ 9♣ 5♥, giving Klein some hope of making two pair, a set, or a gut shot Flush. The A♠ on the turn eliminated the Flush draw option, while the 4♠ river sealed his fate.

Jonathan Duhamel was awarded the pot, the gold bracelet and the 1st place prize of $3,989,985 for the impressive win.

Bill Klein received an immense consolation prize of $2,465,522 for the runner up finish.

2015 WSOP One Drop High Roller Final Table Results

1st Jonathan Duhamel $3,989,985
2nd Bill Klein $2,465,522
3rd Daniel Colman $1,544,121
4th Ben Sulsky $1,118,049
5th Dan Perper $873,805
6th Phil Hellmuth $696,821
7th Anthony Zinno $565,864
8th Sergey Lebedev $466,970