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An eerie fog hovers in the distance. The ominous howl of a wolf echoes through the night. Faint scratching sounds waft from the cellar … Oh yes, it’s Halloween! And to help celebrate this spookiest of holidays, New Jersey’s number one online poker room, Party Poker, is scaring up some of the easiest bonuses in the business with its Halloween Missions promotion.

These ghoulish giveaways began on October 27th and will continue until November 2nd, giving members of the online poker site plenty of time to reap the rewards, valued at up to $65 in free poker bonuses. There are 5 Halloween Missions that can be accomplished, each paying out lucky number $13. All players have to do to participate is open the poker lobby, go to ‘Achievements’, click on ‘Missions’, choose the mission they want to complete and press ‘Start Mission’. The five missions are as follows:

Friday the 13th – $13 Poker Bonus

Once activated, this Halloween Mission requires the player to register for and compete in 13 SNG or MTT tournaments. Winning or even cashing in the event is not required. Only tournaments with cash buy-ins qualify; heads-up tournaments and freerolls are excluded.

Serial Killer – $13 Poker Bonus

The goal of this mission is to be personally responsible for the elimination of 13 players from tournaments. Again, freeroll and heads-up tournaments are not eligible; a cash-buy-in is required to qualify. The eliminations can come in a single tournament or multiple renditions of SNG or MTT tourneys.

House of 13 Corpses – $13 Poker Bonus

The easiest mission of all, players are required to simply “play 13 hands of any poker game type”. All real money cash game tables qualify for the mission.

Zombie Run – $13 Poker Bonus

Another simple Halloween Mission, the objective is to see 13 flops at ‘FastForward’ poker tables.

Texas Hold’em Massacre – $13 Poker Bonus

This one might be a little tricky, but what a treat to finish! A player will need to win a pot at a FastForward poker table worth 13 big blinds, and the hand must go to a showdown to complete the mission.

Halloween Missions – The Fine Print

The terms surrounding this spook-tacular promotion are pretty straight forward. The online poker room will deliver a $13 bonus every time a player starts and completes a mission. Only one mission can be played at a time. If a player has an active mission but wants to switch gears, they can pause the current mission and start another, then resume the previous mission at will. Completing all five Halloween Missions before the promotional period is over (23:59 ET, November 2, 2014) will award the highest possible poker bonus of $65 ($13 x 5).

All mission bonuses carry standard release and withdrawal restrictions. Once a mission is completed, the $13 bonus appears in a separate bonus balance that can’t be used just yet. Players have to release that bonus into their cash balance by playing more real money online poker. Every $1 paid in rake or tournament fees is worth 2 points, and it take 4 points to release every $1 of the poker bonus. Once released, the bonus becomes real cash that can be played or withdrawn. Players have 60 days from the time a bonus is earned to release it into their real cash balance before it expires.