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Podcasts are all the rage nowadays. It only takes a couple of clicks to download digital files of audio or video recordings of a themed series from a Web site to a media player or computer. Finding a poker podcast on the Internet no longer requires much searching around either. Consolidators such as All Poker Podcasts, PokerFuse and Rounder’s Radio gather the links in one convenient directory, so it’s just a matter of clicking on the ones that seem of interest.

The only problem, of course, is the incredible proliferation of podcasts available on poker strategy, poker news, pro interviews, etc. makes the task of choosing a download a bit daunting. How exactly does one sort through some 2,400 or more offerings and pick the best of them?

One solution is to ask the experts. The folks at the World Poker Tour have their recommendations, as do the pundits on the various poker news sites. Without playing any favorites, in no particular order, here are ten that many agree must be counted among the very best.

ESPN’s The Poker Edge – Anything branded ESPN has got to be topnotch, and this podcast certainly is. Columnist Andrew Feldman is an excellent interviewer as well as a great reporter. His podcasts feature talks not only with pros like Phil Gordon, but also industry insiders, such as Chris Krafcik, the North American Research Director at Gambling Compliance.

Card Player TV – Again, major media means major access to newsmakers, and Card Player Magazine certainly has the ticket to greatness. Available on iTunes, the podcasts range from straight journalism, like the monthly broadcast called “The Scoop,” to light-hearted interviews with celebrities and on-the-scene reporting from the World Series of Poker and other big poker events.

The Final Table – Pro Dennis Phillips and his professional radio partner Paul Harris bring their own personal style to legal news, strategy and interviews in this live, weekly terrestrial radio show that has been turned into a podcast.

PocketFives Podcast – Those interested in the world of online poker will find plenty of news and information in this regular half-hour program, including interviews with today’s top online poker players and poker industry representatives.

2 Guys Talking Poker – As self-proclaimed “poker zealots,” Vic Porcelli and Andy Kazen, are regular tournament players who know their stuff. The not-so-odd couple presents need-to-know information about upcoming tournaments, detailed hand strategy segments and ongoing interviews with poker industry players.

The Poker Show – Chris Tessaro used to have a weekly Hardcore Poker Radio slot with Rob Pizzo on Sirius Satellite Radio. That series is gone now, but fans of Tessaro can find him co-hosting this Canadian radio show with Rob Wong, which is available online as a podcast adaptation. The duo pulls no punches, offering solid reporting and insightful interviews with the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth and Gavin Smith.

2 + 2 PokerCast – Weekly podcasts of live events and guest interviews with top pros make this finely produced show a delight to listen to. Co-hosts Mike Johnson and Adam Schwarts have a wealth of experience and access to all of the big names in the business, so a bit of good gossip often breaks here first.

Tournament Poker Edge – It’s all about strategy on this program, hosted by online grinders Killingbird and RonFezBuddy. They bring in top players and guest coaches to discuss tactics and share inside tips, but the bad news is that the podcasts are only available once a month.

Drawing Dead – Each week Ace Jones and JP Airborne team up for another edition of talking poker and answering questions from the Rounder’s Radio forum. It’s almost like the podcast version of an interactive talk radio show—entertaining and informative, too.

Deuce Plays Podcast – In contrast to all the tournament news out there, host Bart Hanson specializes in Los Angeles area cash games, so he brings a different angle to poker podcasting. Tune in to hear him clearly break down strategy scenarios and journey inside the minds of teachers and players of some of the world’s best and biggest cash games.