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Determined to avoid the title of one-hit wonder, RealGaming Nevada is continually upgrading its services and promotions. The latest enhancement comes by way of an update to the VIP rakeback program, known as Real Rewards.New Rakeback program at RealGaming Nevada

Competing with the ultimate brand of in the Silver State isn’t so easy, but RealGaming Nevada is giving it everything they’ve got. The online poker operator has pushed numerous promotions that any avid player would be hard pressed to pass up. The unveiling of Real Rewards, a fast-track rakeback program designed to benefit all—especially grinders—is one such promotion.

Members of the online poker room aren’t just racking up Tier Score anymore. Now, the number of Tier Score they build determines the total of their Real Score. And it’s the Real Score points that deliver rakeback into a player’s pocket. The higher a member’s score, the more cash they earn.

Real Rewards Rakeback Program at RealGaming Nevada

Here’s how it works. By participating in real-money online poker cash games and tournaments at RealGaming Nevada, players earn Tier Score points, as well as Real Score points.

Every $1 contributed to the rake at a cash table generates a Tier Score of 2. Similarly, every $1 paid in tournament fees generates a Tier Score of 2, as follows:

$1 Raked = Tier Score 2
$1 Tournament Fees = Tier Score 2

Tier Score points are only calculated to determine an online poker player’s VIP loyalty tier. The monthly VIP tiers include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald and Diamond. There is also an annual tier called Red Diamond. When player’s raise their tier level, the rate at which they earn Real Score is escalated by a multiplier that corresponds to their Tier Score.

Monthly Tier
Score Requirement
Real Score
Bronze 0-199 2.5x 5%
Silver 200-499 5x 10%
Gold 500-999 6x 12%
Platinum 1,000-3,999 7.5x 15%
Emerald 4,000-9,999 12.5x 25%
Diamond 10,000+ 15x 30%
Red Diamond 100,000+ (yearly) 15x 30%

Because all new members of RealGaming Nevada are, by default, started at the Bronze level, they too are privy to a 5% rakeback equivalent via the cashback program. Even a casual online poker player that doesn’t hit the tables often enough to generate a Tier Score of over 199 in a single month will still be able to generate cashback at the Bronze level. Thus earning a Tier Score of just 40, with a 2.5x multiplier, would translate to a Real Score of 100, and deliver a $1 cashback reward.

Likewise, a player who reaches the Gold level in a month with a Tier Score of 600 would multiply those points by 6x, resulting in a Real Score of 3,600. That’s enough points to generate $36 in cashback, or a rakeback equivalent of 12%.

Once a VIP tier is achieved, the player is instantly elevated to that status for the remainder of the current calendar month, as well as the following month. Thus members of RealGaming Nevada are not only well rewarded for their consistency on the virtual felt, but encouraged to maintain that level of play in order to continue taking full advantage of the Real Rewards program.