The Name Game: Another Poker Tell waiting to be read

Online poker strategists are always looking for another angle, a new way to gain an advantage against their opponents. Poker tells are multifarious in the live realm, but not so easy to come by in online gameplay without spending a good deal of time observing a player’s actions and reactions. But there is a way to gather information on an opponent before ever playing a single hand against them. I’m referring to an online poker player’s chosen alias. It’s one of the few things we have complete Read more [...]

Research firm predicts US Online Poker market won’t hit $1B by 2020

Every research and consulting firm this side of the Pacific Ocean has been conducting studies and authoring their own predictions of what the future of online gambling has in store for US states and operators. Among them, Eiler’s Research has produced the most realistic (but notably swelled) results to date. The latest publication from Adam Krejcik of Eiler’s offers a potentially bleak forecast over the market’s next 5 years, but an undeniably believable one when considering the underwhelming Read more [...]

Winning Poker Network blames DDoS Attack for Cancelation of $1M GTD

Since the ominous events of Black Friday in 2011, American online poker players have been left with very few options. Those in Delaware, Nevada or New Jersey can play on the nominal ring-fenced virtual tables regulated by their respective states, while the rest of the country is left to take their chances with offshore operators, or simply not play at all. In that regard, the Winning Poker Network has soared in popularity, but the smiles quickly faded on Sunday when the network’s heavily promoted Read more [...]

Reid supports Adelson’s iGaming ban, but supports Online Poker exemption

Last week, current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appeared to have rejected a nudge from Sheldon Adelson to get his anti-online gambling bill passed in the lame duck session. However, he said on Friday that he actually agrees with the Las Vegas casino magnate that online gambling should, and likely will, be banned in 2015. On the other hand, he believes that online poker should be exempt from the imminent bill. Read more [...]

Party Borgata NJ releases schedule for upcoming online poker series, GSSS II

The schedule for the Garden State Super Series II (GSSS 2) has finally been released by New Jersey’s top online poker network, Party Borgata. Managers spent a great deal of time, more than two weeks in fact, consulting with players on the TwoPlusTwo forums to hammer out the details. After all that work, let’s hope the second edition pans out better than the first. When partners Party Poker and Borgata Poker launched the inaugural version of the online poker series, a black cloud rained down Read more [...]

US Gov. Spending Bill finalized, Reid denies Adelson’s push for RAWA

In a frightening report that lit up the headlines in recent weeks, it appeared that anti-online gambling billionaire Sheldon Adelson was attempting to bully Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid into attaching RAWA to the US government’s omnibus spending bill. Due tomorrow, congress finished up early, finalizing the bill and publishing its contents yesterday. To the relief of online poker players around the country, Adelson’s Restoration of America’s Wire Act appeared nowhere in the profuse text. All Read more [...]

Santa Ysabel Online Poker update insinuates real money coming soon

The Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel has been promising a legal, real money online poker room in California since July of this year. Multiple delays have stalled the tribe’s efforts, but according to the latest updates on the poker site,, real money online poker may be a lot closer to a reality than recently suspected. Numerous renovations were made to the Private Table site lately. The most noticeable would be a fresh layout, but much more importantly are the new segmentations. Read more [...]

Adelson offers Reid back-scratching exchange to pass RAWA in 2014

An article that appeared on the Huffington Post on Saturday is striking fear in the hearts of online poker players in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. It’s no secret that Sheldon Adelson has been willing to spend “whatever it takes” to get online gambling banned on a federal level, but now it seems he’s offering to do the opposite - hold onto his billions in exchange for the same reward. Apparently the casino magnate has decided to shift gears in his bankrolled campaign to get online poker Read more [...]

Player pooling not a realistic goal right now for online poker in New Jersey

Ever since online poker became a legal activity in the US states of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, shared liquidity has been a hot topic. Nevada and Delaware are still working to implement a player pooling compact signed in February, but New Jersey has made no moves to join them. Now, regulators in the Garden State are saying they have no intention of sharing liquidity anytime in the near future. New Jersey online poker players have been anticipating an eventual compact between their home state Read more [...]

Party Borgata tournament overhaul delivers pros and cons for NJ online poker players

Having spent years playing at the largest offshore online poker sites, the majority of New Jersey’s players are now having a hard time adjusting to the minimalistic tournament schedules available on the nascent ‘legal’ market. Of all the complaints voiced by the community, the tournament structure is one of the most common. As such, the Party Borgata network has once more announced beneficial adjustments to the roster. Unfortunately, it also comes with its share of negatives. The most notable Read more [...]